Friday, July 20, 2007

Where are the Fashion Police?

I've noticed lots of women, young and old wear these ankle-high nylons with their sandals or heels.

While they believe wearing these prevent blisters, I personally find them an eyesore.

Sometimes you see a woman putting so much effort into dressing nicely with a beautiful top and skirt, or glamorous-looking dress, and on their feet are these nylons with strappy sandals or heels.

Either they wear more comfortable shoes or suffer for their beauty. Those nylons have got to go. Pronto!


ks said...

people can wear what they want, that is freedom. lu shun once said there is no path in the world, but when lots of people walk in the same pattern it becmes a path. in the west the way to dress is dominated by fashion tyrons with big names like versace, boss,armani, hilfiger etc. in china it is created by the inovative people. that is democracy . when millions and millions wear the same way it becomes fashion. to the western eye it is an eye sore, to the eastern eye it is fashion. beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

JJ said...

Way to go, Beijing Calling! Super eyesore it is!!

Melissa said...

This fashion report was a fun post. And I agree; the ankle-high nylons and sandals look is not attractive. Footwear is not a east/west issue -- look at the recent trend of Crocs, or the classic "fashion don't" originally attributed to Teutonic tourists: dark socks and sandals.

bobc said...

thank you ks. i'm American (not Asian)and i think it looks lovely!