Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Sneak Peek for Free

Near the entrance of Hou Hai are some restaurants and clubs.

And here were a number of migrant workers standing in a line staring at something at a club called Sex in Da City.

When you looked from where they stood, you could see through a see-through curtain a scantily-clad woman pole dancing on top of the bar.

This was a new form of entertainment they hadn't seen before.

And it was their one inexpensive way to get some kicks out of the city nightlife.

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ks said...

when china introduces western science and technolgy into the country it is inevitable that some of the decadent things got in at the same time. this will be more evident after the 2008 olympic. it is a small price we have to pay when open up . there is a silver lining though- the globe and mail reports that china spends tons of money to tidy up her toilets in preparation for the olympic.