Saturday, July 7, 2007

Shave and a Haircut

When you leave the National Art Museum from a side exit, there's an outdoor barbershop in full swing.

This customer had just had a shave with an old fashioned razor, and the barber was now cutting his hair.

There are clumps of hair on the ground and they just seem left there... or maybe they're swept up at the end of the business day?

But getting a haircut on a hot day is a good (and stylish) way to beat the heat.

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ks said...

this reminds me of the days when we were living in san wai, the new territories . there used to be a crumpy old man walking down the village green on a certain day of the week. we just lined up and have our hair cut one by one. it takes a little while only because we did not have shaves, or picking of ear wax. the fee is pretty inexpensive even by the then standard.