Sunday, July 22, 2007

More Yummy Food

We visited Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant again last night.

And we were seated upstairs which has a maze of private and semi-private rooms. But once you're up there, service starts becoming sketchy, probably because there's less supervision. And we weren't thrilled with our waitress who had just about lost her patience with us trying to slightly modify dishes.

Nevertheless, we did order half a roast duck, vegetables in a broth with roasted garlic, black rice with diced dace and vegetables, and this tofu dish, half with the yellow Japanese tofu filled with XO sauce, the other white tofu with preserved vegetables in it. Each was served on a spoon and the plate covered in a smattering of beans.

And then tonight we went to Din Tai Fung at Shin Kong Place.

We had the famous xiaolong bao (steamed pork dumplings), shrimp wonton, a rice dumpling, steamed vegetarian dumplings and pea shoots cooked as requested with less oil.

The dessert of steamed buns filled with black sesame was fabulous. The bun was fluffy and light, the ground sesame filling not too heavy. We also had eight treasure glutinous rice which was also delicious and stuck to our stomaches as we waddled out the door.

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ks said...

the tofu dish has a good presentation , this is something to which chinese cooks should pay more attention. it saves the problem of crushing the tofu to tiny pieces before getting to the mouth. i hope this practice will spread to other dishes making dining more enjoyable with less effort.