Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Mobilizing Team Spirit

At the subway platform I saw this billboard ad for Adidas. It encourages viewers to support the men's 10m diving team.

With the city gearing up for the Summer Games next year, it's not surprising to see so many advertisements revving up the Olympic spirit.

But what's interesting about this particular ad is that for me at least, it harks back to the revolution days mobilizing the people with the big character posters and simple wood block prints that were mass produced.

Or maybe I'm just looking too deeply into this message to get people to buy into Addidas.

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ks said...

woodcut as a propaganda art form has been in existence during the wwII be it in the west and china. in those days there is no copiers for fast mass reproduction. the best communication is by spreading fliers and pasting big woodcut posters on walls or any available surfaces. this type of picture art will evoke the image communist china in the 50's. it will revive the spirit of 'union is strength'