Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Frozen Treats

Bellagio is a swanky dessert place in Sanlitun, near the clubs. It's open late so hungry clubbers inevitably end up here to continue scoping out the good looking men and women.

You can eat meals here too, but this place is better known for its desserts. The eatery offers mostly shaved ice with a variety of toppings, from fruits to beans. It's so hard to choose with the menu filled with pictures.

The most famous dessert here is a giant mountain covered in red bean, green bean, berries, and coconut milk drizzled on top. It takes at least four people to finish it.

Another good one is shaved ice with mango, a delectable combination. I also had the passionfruit smoothie, which is ice and passionfruit blended together. It was in a huge glass that would have been ideal for two people. Needless to say I had a brain freeze a few times.

They also do hot desserts, like ground almond pudding, and red date tea.

Yum yum.

6 Gongti Xilu
Chaoyang District

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ks said...

with all the negative news about the contamination of air and water, i worry about the cleanliness of shaved ice, ice cream etc. using red/ green bean and coconut is reminicent of phillipino influence. how much are those treats?