Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Day After the Rain

This morning on my way to work, this was the scene at one of the streets.

It was several inches deep in water.

And many roads are like this around the city. The drainage system either doesn't work, or the street was paved too flat for the water to run anywhere. Or there is no existing drainage system.

The water is muddy from the dirt and dust, as well as the sidewalks, as they're constructed using bricks and held together by sand.

By the way, the sky didn't clear up as I had hoped. It was still overcast today.

And now in the evening there is a giant lightning show. Bolts of light are flashing across the dark sky making for an amazing night display, and thunder rumbling in the background.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a clear day.

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ks said...

in older cities like beijing the sewage system is inadequate to handle the housing development and population growth, this type of flooding is bound to happen. it takes time to catch up. meantime we just have to pay the price and suffer in the inconvenience.