Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Picture of the Day: Creative License Plates

Just before and during the Beijing Olympics, draconian measures were taken to ease traffic congestion.

It was very simple -- license plates ending in odd numbers were allowed on the roads on one day, even the next, which kept 50 percent of the cars off the streets.

It was also extremely easy for police to crack down on offenders.

While car owners complained about the restrictions, they loved having no traffic when it was their time to drive, and hated commuting in public transit otherwise. It also significantly helped clear the air.

There were calls to keep some kind of driving restriction in place after the Games, so the municipal government came up with a strange regulation so that at any given time 20 percent of cars are off the roads. That means drivers can't use their cars one day during the weekday. The rules are as follows:

Monday 1 & 6
Tuesday 2 & 7
Wednesday 3 & 8
Thursday 4 & 9
Friday 5 & 0

So for example on Monday, license plates ending with either a "1" or a "6" are not allowed on the roads.

On weekends it's a free for all, which means traffic can get really bad in the evenings.

So today on my way to the office I spied a car that had a license plate with "1" as the last digit, but if you look more closely, there is a faint outline of what looks like glue to make the shape of a "4".

Someone is trying to get away with driving their car everyday... have the authorities caught on to this yet?

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