Friday, April 9, 2010

Official Exploits Exposed

Another official has been caught with his pants down -- not in the act, but in his ambition of bedding 800 women, and detailed his many hundred trysts in a diary that his wife found and turned into police.

She also discovered some sex videos he made.

Sounds like a divorce is in the works. And will he get tested for AIDS and STDs?

The 47-year-old department head from Anqing in Anhui Province is only named by the pseudonym Wang Cheng. In 2003 he wrote in his diary that he wanted to bed at least 56 women a year, as well as maintain two mistresses from "respectable families."

As a result he calculated for that year alone he would need 100,000 yuan ($14,600) in bribes, about five times his annual salary.

And as he got promoted, he received more bribes and bedded more women.

Businessmen who tried to curry favor with Wang found out about his love for sex and supplied him with many prostitutes.

Wang admitted he spent hundreds of thousands of yuan on sex, and even buying several apartments that were given to his mistresses as gifts.

In his diaries, he claims to have slept with at least 500 women and the goal was  to have sex with "600 to 800."

But unfortunately his sexual ambitions will be put on hold for now.

It seems that officialdom and sex go hand-in-hand. In fact most Chinese men in positions of power expect women to perform sexual favours in the hopes of promotions or possible monetary gain. And if women want to survive in his male-dominated environment, they those blessed with good looks tend to take this route to quickly enrich themselves.

Most of these men are in their late 40s and older, who think nothing wrong of being married, having a child and yet still having women on the side.

They either see these extra-curricular activities as a status symbol or just a part of doing business.

Hopefully the next generation will end to these unspoken immoral practices. However, if their salaries don't rise much more in the next few years, they too could get caught up in the cycle and corruption and licentiousness will never end in China.

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gg said...

clinics for sex addiction is in order much like that in the u.s.