Friday, March 5, 2010

Homeless Chic

This week there is growing fascination for a homeless man who has been nicknamed the "Beggar Prince" or "Brother Sharp" in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province.

The scruffy-looking man in his mid-30s has become popular with Internet users as many think he has great fashion sense... even though he has been photographed wearing women's dresses.

However his rugged looks and wardrobe have captured the imagination of many online.

"Look at him wrinkle his brow... nothing needs to be said... sexy..." was one comment on the Tianyu site.

Another commented, "He doesn't really look like a beggar, more like a vagabond. The quality of this person's tops are all not bad, a down jacket, cotton jacket, even a leather jacket inside, and though they're a bit dirty, they're all in good condition, not the kind that beggars find from the trash."

This discerning down-and-out fashion file has become so popular that young people are now interested in copying his homeless style.

Social workers in Ningbo don't want to reveal his identity for his own safety. "Homeless people are vulnerable. It is incorrect to use them for entertainment purposes," said one worker. Some people have tried to approach him to give him money or help him, but he appeared mentally disturbed.

There are rumours that he is a university graduate who lost his mind after his girlfriend left him, while another is that he used to be in the army in 1997 and now has mental health issues.

It's strange seeing young people so fascinated by a beggar, but then again maybe this publicity will draw more attention to the plight of homeless people and make the public more sympathetic to those less fortunate than themselves.


ks said...

i understand one of the london designers takes on this vagabond style. he should collect royalty and would not be a begger any more.

ks said...

i understand one of the leading designers in london takes on this vagabond style. he should collect royalty and would not be a begger any more.