Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fact of the Day: Car Accident Stats

In my almost three years I am very lucky to say I have yet to be in a car accident, let alone witness a horrific one (knock on wood).

Nevertheless, with over 1,000 new cars on the road in Beijing everyday, one has to wonder how many accidents the city has and then multiply it by the whole country.

As most people only started driving a few years ago, it's almost as if most of them are like teenagers in the West who just got their driver's license.

But in reality most people here either passed the test or they paid someone to do it for them.

With those frightening thoughts, here are the latest statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics:

  • 2008 saw 265,000 traffic accidents across the country, killing 73,000 lives, injuring 305,000, and causing direct property losses of 1.01 billion RMB ($147.919 million).
  • 2009 saw 238,000 car accidents, claiming 68,000 lives, injuring 275,000 and resulting in direct property losses of 910 million RMB ($133.257 million).

Hopefully 2010 will bring those numbers down further...

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ks said...

the people should be educated to observe traffic rules-both the drivers and pedestrians share the responsibility.