Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Stylish Mice

Hong Kong Disneyland is celebrating 80 years of Walt's fairytale kingdom come true.

And guess what? This coming Lunar New Year is ushering the Year of the Rat.

To mark the special occasion (and grab the amazing marketing opportunity) Hong Kong Disneyland gave Mickey and Minnie a dress makeover.

They enlisted the help of Hong Kong designer Vivienne Tam to create new outfits for the rodent pair as shown in this Xinhua picture.

While Tam was chosen for her hometown roots, she is also know for her clever fusion of East and West. Tam created controversy over 13 years ago when she designed T-shirts featuring Chairman Mao with pigtails, and a bee on his nose among others.

In any case, she definitely injected some fun into Mickey and Minnie's new silk clothes and perhaps that can help the embattled amusement park to entice more visitors to go there instead of Ocean Park...

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ks said...

we are abandoning the traditonal symbols of the mouse while canada is picking it up. the canada post new year stamp design depicts the chinese theme of 'mouse wedding'. may be that is a good way of cultural exchange leading to ideally true internationale.