Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Lingo

The Ministry of Education listed some 170 popular phrases created over the past year on the Internet.

Here are some of them reflecting the social changes in China happening now:

Dink-Pet Family (dingchong jiating): A couple who doesn't want a child, but raises a pet.

Car Slave (chenu): People who save and spend most of their income on their cars.

House Slave (fangnu): People who spend most of their income on paying their mortgages.

Podcasters (boke): People who offer downloads of videos on their blogs.

Flying Fish Clan (feiyu zu): Those who abandon their domestic successes and choose to study in top universities abroad.

College Stayers Clan (laixiao zu): College graduates who remain on campus but don't want to study or work.

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Kai Sun said...

glad to learn chinese is a living language, short and sweet and to the point.