Monday, August 20, 2007

Virtual Frustrations

I tried to get my Internet connection started this morning at home, but it didn't work.

So I thought I may have mistakenly changed the password, so I typed in a new one. But that didn't work either.

At 9:30am I brought this problem to the attention of the HR staff in the office I work at.

It wasn't until I went up to see them just after 2pm did they say, "Oh I forgot to tell you. The technician is coming to your place at 3pm to fix it."

That got my flames of anger ignited.

But since I wanted my Internet connection, I agreed to go home at the appointed time.

The technician did show up, but said there was nothing he could do. There was something wrong with the password and he didn't know why. He said my landlord has to go to his office and get the password again or another password.

I asked an American friend here if they had problems with their ADSL connection. He said they did, and it was password-related, but again didn't know why.

The system of doing things here is so ludicrous sometimes you have to wonder if anything ever gets done. Or they just create busy-body work for a bloated workforce in a State-owned company.

Hopefully something will be done by tomorrow.

Or you will continue to hear my rants!


IheartNY said...

They control your password??? Wow.

ks said...

workers of the world over are jsut the same. we have the same trouble here at home. be it tv repair man, painter, carpenter, newsper delivery, garbage collection. a dose of relaxtion , deep breathing will help.

Anonymous said...