Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Going Au Naturel

This is a common piece of wardrobe babies wear in China.

Their parents put them in these bottomless pants so that if and when nature calls, just spread'em.

There's no need for diapers -- and in a way it's a good thing as our landfills wouldn't be able to handle much more.

But that also means kids urinating anywhere they happen to be -- in the bushes or right on the sidewalk.

I can't quite figure out of it's more sanitary to do it this way. But it definitely means potty training at a very young age.

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ks said...

i have worn this type of open crotch pants when i was young. it is clean, economical and efficient. the stray dogs will clean up the mess for you afterwards. during those hard times paper was very expensive. disposable diapers are unheard of or not even invented yet reusable cloth diapers are hard to come by and requires laudering. decades ago in a backwrd, poor country like china it was acceptable. but not at this day and age now. it should be banned.