Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Give a Hoot, Don't Pollute

Ba Shang isn't flooded with tourists yet, but the locals haven't quite grasped the importance of keeping the place clean and tidy.

This picture of garbage left around was quite common around clumps of houses. And it was even more disturbing to see pigs, roosters and ducks scavenging through the trash for food.

While we were horseback riding, the horse owners, who guided our equines, smoked and threw the butts on the ground. One had a water bottle, drank some of it, and offered it to another person. He refused the invitation for a sip, so the first guy just threw the bottle on the ground, still filled with water.

Ba Shang has the potential to become a fun tourist destination for people in Beijing. But if the locals just leave garbage lying around, the scent of waste will overpower the natural fresh air.

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ks said...

in backward country side like ba shan this scenario is to be expected. this is old china. we lived through it before and survived. the peasants need education and enlightenment. public education is the key answer.