Friday, August 24, 2007

Designing a Statement

Aside from the various Olympic venues either in the midst of construction or renovation, other major buildings are undergoing face lifts too.

And the State broadcaster, CCTV will look uber cool.

Here's a picture of it the other day from a taxi. At the moment it looks like two leaning towers that won't meet. But they will.

They're actually two L-shaped towers linked at the top and the bottom at an angle to form a loop. And the mad genius behind this is Rem Koolhaas of Office for Metropolitan Architecture.

The larger of the two towers will be for CCTV offices, and broadcasting centre, while the smaller one will house a hotel, visitor's centre, a large public theatre and conference facilities.

The total price tag? 850 million euros (US$1.16 billion).

And of course, it will be completed by next year's Olympics.

The Chinese government is definitely making a bold statement with this mind-boggling piece of architecture. It may not look functional, but CCTV's dissemination of information will definitely look tres cool.

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ks said...

i guess the foreign architects will have a field day working in china, a country looks like without any guidlines , bylaws, ordinances and its own identity. they can do anything to suit their fancy. these types of crazy buildings will only reflect the taste and creativity of the individual architect but lacks character to the host nation. it is a shame that the chinese architects dont have much say in the whole city planning process. there should be some sort of a master plan and harmony to the new group of buildings in order to present to the world an orderly well planned and proportioned city landscape, otherwise it will become the laughing stalk of the world.