Friday, May 18, 2007

Word of the Day: Sheng Nu

China may have more men than women, but the country does have its share of singleton girls.

And the word for them is sheng nu. Sheng means "left behind" and "nu" means women.

They are described as having the three H's: High diploma, High salary and High age, and the three S's: Single, Stuck and born in the Seventies.

It's these qualities that frighten prospective suitors who are intimidated by these highly educated and capable women.

Apparently some mothers are so worried their daughters won't be married off that they secretly sign them up at match making events and fudge their education to a lower degree or diploma to increase the chances of them meeting their better half.

And these match making sessions sound brutal! I heard that your vital stats and info are posted up for these guys to look at and vice versa.

I guess they haven't heard of speed dating yet.

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