Friday, May 25, 2007

Women will Power the Next Generation

A girlfriend of mine made a short visit to Beijing and after work she took me to Yaxiu, the cotton market where we got pedicures done.

And it was the first time I had a man -- well young man -- do my pedicure.

He was really good at exfoliating the soles of my feet and even painted my toe nails quickly and professionally.

Then after having a delicious dinner, we went to an upscale spa where we shared a room and had two male masseurs knead, press, and rub our bodies sore for two hours.

With more and more males than females in the Chinese population, it's the women who are going to be able to pick and choose who her mate will be. And he'll have to be a damn good husband. And being able to give her a good massage or painting toe nails is a good start.

That's the power shift that's going to shake China to the core.


IheartNY said...

Will that mean an end to Sheng Nus?

Beijing Calling said...

We'll just have to wait and see!

Jason said...

What will the hardliners have to say about this?