Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Making the Games Politically Correct

Yesterday the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games unveiled 20 pictograms for the Paralympics next year.

But before they showed the images to the media, they went through the recent history of previous Olympics, including Barcelona in 1992, Sydney in 2000, Athens in 2004, and Turin in 2006. Atlanta was conspicuously absent and no one mentioned it either.

And then they explained that they took their inspiration for the Chinese pictograms from ancient oracle bone writing and bronze ware script.

The 20 featured sports include: wheelchair basketball, swimming, boccia, judo, power lifting, cycling and equestrian.

But someone has to tell them to update their translation vocabulary.

Throughout the English translations, the sweet woman's voice kept saying "disabled" and "handicapped" instead of the politically correct term "physically challenged".

Well they have more than a year to figure that out.

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ks said...

i like the olympic game symbols, they are great and well designed. the one with the ancient character 'jing'=capital featuring a runner in the form of a chinese seal is very good indeed.