Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Dreary Day... with a Silver Lining

I woke up this morning to a severely overcast day. The air was heavy and threatening to rain.

When I got here, Beijingers told me that when it rains here, it's in short sporadic spurts and then the sun comes out.

Not today.

It rained all day, at times heavier than others. And it created a horrible mess on the roads with lots of muddy puddles (thanks to the accumulation of dust and dirt), and cyclists covered in big and bright-coloured rain gear. This is probably the only time when they are easier to spot on the streets.

I'm glad I wore sandals, but if I knew it was raining all day, I would have worn a skirt instead of a newly-washed pair of cropped pants. I had to throw them in the wash again because of dirty spots from walking in the rain and muddy sidewalks.

I'm not sure if it's still going to rain tomorrow, but when it finally stops, it's probably going to be the clearest day in Beijing that I've seen. Will keep you posted.

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