Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Building Cultural Enterprise

Here's another striking piece of Beijing architecture. It's diagonally across from the Swissotel and stands in front of a roundabout for everyone to marvel at.

I don't know if it's more for looks as the giant sheets of glass in front does little to prevent the exposure of office workers to the outside world.

But it's a relief from the 1980s mish-mash of geometrical shaped-towers that had no central design theme.

It's the China Poly Group building. I looked up their website and they deal in trade, real estate and culture. The business of culture? Apparently they organize large-scale art events, auctions, theatre management and produce TV programs.

I find the building so intriguing, and wonder what that part jutting out of the bottom left corner is for.... any suggestions?

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Kai Sun said...

white arch resembles thee grande arche at La Defense in Paris. it is also an office building with a see through elevator. i took grand mom there in 1989. she was sacare to ride the elevator so i never went up. the last time we visited with uncle bill and aunty connie in aug 05 after the baltic cruise. we did not go up. i will have to do it next time i am there.