Sunday, May 20, 2007

An American in Beijing

Last night a friend took me to hear some jazz in a small club in Hou Hai, by the Eastern Lake.

The place is called East Shore Live Jazz Cafe and it's run by saxophonist Liu Yuan who is apparently a renowned jazz musician in the city. He even played in the opening set and was so good, but humble as well, preferring to stand by the side and letting others take the limelight.

We came to hear a visiting American trombonist called Roswell Rudd who's quite well known in jazz circles in New York. Although he's well into his 70s, he can still blow that horn. They played four or five songs including "When you Wish Upon a Star" and "Sahara". Everyone -- the drummer, pianist, sax and bass -- jammed so well together it was quite amazing to watch.

And it's soaking in that moment, that will never come again, that makes me relish my time here even more.

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