Monday, July 5, 2010

Moving On

These last several days have been hectic for me. On Tuesday I moved out of my apartment in Dongzhimen and spent the entire afternoon and early evening cleaning it.

Apparently it was so clean that my landlord was pleased he didn't have to re-clean it and gladly handed back my one-month deposit.

I really enjoyed the one-bedroom place, with its convenient location right by the subway station and bus stop, as well as other amenities nearby (including the hairdresser and favourite restaurants, not to mention a concert hall too).

Downstairs is the gym I belong to (anyone want to carry on the remaining time on my membership?) where I pounded the treadmill and raced in the pool, blowing away the local competition.

I know many of the buses at the Dongzhimen bus stop and where they can take me, and best of all, practically every other taxi driver knows my apartment building so there's no need to give directions.

In the last few days I have been living in my friend's place and for another few days before starting a new adventure -- in Hong Kong.

I've just got a new job there and will be starting there in about a week.

In addition to all this packing and moving, I've been trying to see a few friends here and there and do a few last things (last massage at Bodhi, last meals at favourite restaurants).

It's a strange feeling knowing its my last few days in Beijing, but as my job will entail travel around Asia, there is a good chance I will be back in the Chinese capital for business soon.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new job in HK! Sorry we wont see you in Van. Good luck in your new venture. Hope u keep your blog . CS xo