Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Wheels to Ride In

During the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the media were transported around in new buses, either from the media centre to the venues, or from the media centre to the media village or hotels scattered around the city.

And now almost two years later this giant fleet of buses are finally being used in the city.

A few weeks ago the bus transport system started replacing a number of aging buses with these new ones. For example the 117 bus I usually take to work used to be a long accordion bus that seemed to groan and feel as if its engine was about to go kaput at any moment.

Now the 117 buses are these former Olympics buses and they run more frequently too so they aren't too packed at any one time. There are less seats than the accordion buses, but there is also room for a wheelchair if and when the public transport system decides it will take the extra minute to load up a disabled person.

While this is all great, why did it take so long to refit these buses? They don't look too much different from the media buses except for adding the coin collection box and electronic card swiping system.

Perhaps it's just good to say better later than never?

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