Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fact of the Day: Gambling for More

There is possibly more evidence that there's still a lot of hot money floating around in Chinese pockets.
During the Spring Festival holiday, Chinese tourists flooded casinos in Macau, gambling away some 9 billion patacas ($1.13 billion) between February 1-21.
Of the table game revenues in the past 21 days, one-third was collected during the one-week Spring Festival, from February 13-19, reported the Macao Post Daily.
In January, total casino revenues was 8.6 billion patacas.
In addition, the highest daily game revenues during the first 21 days of February was at least 900 million patacas, breaking the highest single day record of 800 million patacas last month, the newspaper said.
Either Chinese people got massive new year bonuses from their bosses for their hard work all year, or some people are amassing their own bootie in the hopes good luck will turn it into an even bigger jackpot.
One thinks the Macau casinos were the real winners...

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