Saturday, January 16, 2010

Impulsive Shoppers

A recent study reveals that Hong Kong people are the most impulsive shoppers in 10 worldwide markets when it comes to groceries.

The result was found in a grocery-shopping survey of countries and regions, ranging from the United States to the United Arab Emirates. Market researcher Synovate found Hong Kongers to be the most impulsive, which may explain why supermarkets have so many promotions.

Researchers interviewed 6,700 people, including 1,002 from Hong Kong last July. They found Hong Kong people were the least likely to plan for a shopping trip, buying things whenever they had time instead of scheduling it in their day. In the survey 32 percent of Hong Kongers did this compared to the global average of 17 percent. Meanwhile 62 percent globally had a shopping list in hand, while only 32 percent in Hong Kong did.

One reason for this impulsiveness is the fast pace of the city which resulted in the number of convenience stores dotted all over the city. Some 21 percent bought food from these outlets, second to Russia at 25 percent.

"Hong Kong people feel time-poor and shopping hours are flexible here," Synovate scan data specialist Eliza Wong said. "Shops open around-the-clock and people do not need to plan shopping trips."

Also, the lack of space in apartments and fridges meant more frequent trips to buy food. "If people are short of soy sauce when they cook, they can just go and buy it instantly," Wong said.

So as a result of not having a shopping list, people were more easily persuaded to buy other items on impulse, particularly those promoted by supermarkets.

Now this study needs to go a step further and link this grocery-shopping impulsiveness with diet habits and if this is leading to greater numbers of obesity and diabetes....

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ks said...

i am not a bit surprised by this finding at all. hong kong is just a huge shopping centre. hong kongers are most entrepreneurial. even primary students know how to make a buck collecting stamps, comic books, coins and resell for profit.