Sunday, December 6, 2009

Picture of the Day: Toying with Christmas

The festive atmosphere of Christmas has arrived in the Chinese capital even though the communist country doesn't recognize December 25 as a public holiday.

Apartment buildings, restaurants and especially shopping malls have decorated their walls, ceilings, doors and pillars with bells, snowflakes, Santa Clauses and Christmas tree designs. Heck even my gym has snowflakes made of silvery pipe cleaners hanging from the light fixtures.

The Village at Sanlitun already got into the festive spirit by installing a small round ice rink in the piazza, where people can pay 30RMB ($4.40) to rent skates and skate around and around for an hour and a half. Most people would probably tire after an hour, but the price is very reasonable considering it's such a small area. If you want to avoid having too many onlookers staring at your every move, best to skate in the weekday evenings.

The mall also hosted this giant snow globe at the entrance holding a Smart car complete with a mini chalet, Christmas tree and presents.

Is this a hint for people to buy Smart cars for their loved ones? Or it's so cute it's like a toy car?

In any case, it would be even cooler if fake snow was blowing inside the globe.

The Smart car marketers should definitely think about toying with that idea...

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gung said...

cultural invasion is followed by commercialism. that is why we see starbuck and kfc in the forbidden city years ago. but this trend is growing all over the world. only ultra conservative countries are trying hard to resist this trend. but it is against human nature. we all influence one another in our behaviors.