Sunday, November 1, 2009

Picture of the Day: First Snowfall

A few days ago the weather forecast said snow on Sunday.

How could that be? Yesterday was the perfect autumn day -- crisp, clear and sunny. However towards evening it was windy and cold, but it didn't look overcast.

But this morning Beijing woke up to the white stuff -- lots of it.

It kept coming down, at times heavy and wet, other times floating lightly from the sky.

Luckily I'd already dragged out my long winter coat from the closet and bundled up with boots and headed out. In no time my umbrella and coat were covered in snow.

Sanlitun was relatively quiet in the late morning, staff trying to push the snow off the ground; as soon as they cleared it, the snow covered that part again. It would be a continuous job until late afternoon.

Uniqlo did a brisk business as many flocked to the Japanese clothing store to buy long underwear as tomorrow will also be chilly. Others went to Starbucks to warm up with coffee.

Many also took pictures of the the snow and with the snow, or threw snowballs at each other, like a grandfather and grandson did as I walked home.

It's evening and some of the snow is still around... but apparently towards the end of the week it will be 21 degrees by Friday...

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Blog Ramblings said...

The Beijing Evening News says it was seeded by the Weather Modification Office (I love that name, its so 'official')to relieve drought conditions for wheat farmers!