Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tastefully Presented

The other day I took some visitors to Da Dong Roast Duck restaurant in Dongsishitiao.

And I was pleasantly surprised to find that part of the second floor was renovated with a brand new look. Walking down the hall, it looked like it had a night club lounge atmosphere with a dramatic black and white decor.

On the walls was a bamboo motif, the back wall looking like traditional Chinese ink paintings, and another wall had a few leaves projected on it. while the black granite floor had "leaves" that were lit up in various colours. At the entrance was a long bar with leaves of a wooden screen painted white. Giant white petals were swirling around the ceiling, and the signature "chop" of Da Dong was projected on the columns in the room.

Meanwhile the rest of the furniture, dining tables and chairs were basically the same.

Apparently it was a recent renovation, and very well done. It was a definite departure from the brightly lit dining areas in the rest of the restaurant, creating a nice atmosphere.

Of course the food was top notch as usual, though service was a bit spotty as it was quite busy for a Sunday evening.

Nevertheless, it's great to see a restaurant constantly trying to innovate and change, making things better and challenging other dining establishments to do the same.

Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant
No. 22 Dongsishitiao
Dongcheng District
5169 0328
5169 0329

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ks said...

agree, da dong is a great restaurant- good food, decor service and reasonably priced. who can ask for more.