Saturday, October 31, 2009

Picture of the Day: Chrysanthemums

This afternoon my friend and I walked along Nanluoguxiang, a place I haven't been to in the last several months. There are still new shops and little restaurants opening all over the hutong, or alleyway.

A hot item seems to be takeaway cups of yoghurt and the shop had a lineup out front. There were also some funky boutiques selling notebooks with propaganda posters on them, even the famous painting of President Barack Obama with the word "Hope" underneath. And speaking of Obama, there was a T-shirt of the American president wearing a green army cap and suit and on the back it said "Obamao". Everyone is eagerly awaiting his upcoming visit to Beijing next month.

Nevertheless, it was a beautiful crisp fall day after a chilly rain the night before, and on the window ledge of one of the cafes was a pot of chrysanthemums that were huge, gorgeous and in a vibrant yellow.

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