Friday, October 9, 2009

Picture of the Day: An Artistic Ride

The most efficient way to get around Hong Kong is by subway, or MTR (Mass Transit Railway), and in recent years some stations have been renovated or upgraded to accommodate greater passenger flow, or to correspond to real estate developments above ground, such as new malls, residential areas or a combination of both.
And I am pleasantly surprised to find that art is now being further incorporated into the MTR stations. One of the first few to do it was the connection between the main Central station and the Airport Express and International Finance Centre or IFC. It features a kind of rocket in a colourful yellow background that is almost childlike. It's called Swift and Safe by Gaylord Chan.
Earlier this week I went to give a presentation to a class at Yew Chung Community College in Cheung Sha Wan in Kowloon.
And along the exit route at the Cheung Sha Wan station, I saw some wonderful billboards lit up with whimsical hand drawn designs that were a mix of east and west that were very Hong Kong.
Done by Hong Kong-based artist Mariko Jesse, the series is called Teapots, Bowl, Cups and Some Spoons. Just looking at these pieces of art were not only eye-catching but definitely put a spring in my step. The MTR is on an artistic track which is really cool.

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gung said...

so is new york. the century old subway stations are being refurbished and put on a new face. for example the 79 st station is for the museum of natural history. there are mosaics of dinosaurs, elephants etc decorating the walls. the museum of art are roman murals. even in chinatown station they fashioned the chinese character. these are all done with small tiles for their durability. may be this is to be civilized.