Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Picture of the Day: All Lit Up

For Tiananmen Square, the National Day festivities aren't quite over yet.

The giant screens that showed the parade are still parked on the northeast and northwest sides of the square, as well as the 56 red and gold columns from which fireworks shot out.

And the rostrum has Mao's new portrait hanging there, but the nearby potted plants seem to brighten up the area and the moving fountains that look more like lawn sprinklers adding a bit of pizazz to the otherwise conservative place.

After attending the Gary Graffman recital, I walked over to Tiananmen and as always there was a crowd of people wanting to get their pictures taken. The area is lit up so much that you don't need to use flash.

I think the place looks better lit up at night... makes it look grander and more mysterious.

Just like China.

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ks said...

nice shot of tienanmen. it is usually too crowded even in the evening to obtain a good view . lots of traffic and people around. probably except deep into the night. it will be nicer if a tripod is used.