Sunday, October 18, 2009

Blowing Fall Away

Yesterday we had fantastic weather -- the sky was a brilliant blue as I took some visitors to the Panjiayuan antique flea market for some last minute shopping.

I wore a long sleeve shirt and a hoodie which was just right for the warm temperatures that hit 21 degrees, and even in the late afternoon it wasn't cold.

However, this morning was a shock. The sky looked overcast and gray, but even worse  -- it was very windy.

Just before lunchtime it was quite windy, but after lunch, it was like battling against Mother Nature trying to walk into the direction of the wind. And the wind gusts didn't die down. All afternoon strong gusts blew all over the capital, blowing leaves all over the highway to the airport, and along side streets, weak branches snapped, unable to withstand the power of the wind. Even now this evening, you can hear the wind howling.

"Autumn is so short here," remarked a Chinese friend. "Pretty soon it will be winter."

I dread the word "winter". It means long johns, big puffy coats, boots, shivering outside and dry skin.

But, here we go again.

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ks said...

so it is the same in vancouver. yesterday it was raining cats and dogs most day. but in the afternoon all of a sudden it was nice and sunny only for a few moments. but thank the lord it was enough time to play a few holes.