Monday, October 5, 2009

10 Ways to Know You're in Hong Kong

You know you're in Hong Kong when:

10. People patiently wait for people to get out of the MTR before getting in.

9. Things cost several times more than what they do on the mainland. For example, a bottle of water costs 1 kuai or 1.5 kuai; at a 7-11 in Hong Kong, it's HK$6.

8. Everyone around you is better dressed than you, and mostly head to toe in designer brands.

7. Hong Kong women look like they have perfect complexions thanks to Korean skincare products and makeup.

6. Traffic is heavy, but orderly; no one trying to budge their way into a lane as the roads are too narrow to make such manoeuvres.

5. Most restaurants serve dim sum during the morning, not like Beijing where it's eaten for dinner.

4. You have to tip servers in restaurants.

3. You are still understood if you speak English.

2. Most places are logistically connected with walkways or underpasses, making it so much more convenient for people rushing around to get to where they need to go quickly and efficiently.

1. Excellent service. Service staff inherently know you need. 

I was in the Landmark this afternoon, trying to find my friend's office. I must have looked confused because a man behind me asked if he could help me. I turned around and it was the mall's concierge service. I told him my request and he gave me very clear directions which made my life so much easier.

This is what China needs to learn, but it will take several years before they understand how important good service is.It's not just having smiling girls in revealing outfits, but smart people who really care about others and want to reach out and help them. This is an inherent thing; it can be trained, but it must be something that person instinctively wants to do.

Excellent service is Hong Kong's edge over China. And hopefully the mainland is paying attention.

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public education is the key and a national purpose is in order.