Thursday, September 3, 2009

Prepping for the Party

Lots of preparations are underway to make sure the National Day celebrations on October 1 are flawless.

Roads that have been under construction for months are now suddenly being paved overnight, while highways with greenery are being spruced up with more flowers.

Security is being stepped up everywhere, from subways to even the post office -- people now cannot send liquids by mail. Your loved one will have to wait until well after October 1 for that special perfume they had been hoping for.

Police are also randomly checking people's ID in subways.

The capital is even going to wipe out mosquitoes, flies, rats and cockroaches around Tiananmen Square so that people there won't be bitten on October 1. The Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention carried out extermination sweeps in August and will do it again three more times before the big day.

How can you even make sure insects will not be hanging out around Tiananmen that day?

It all seems a bit excessive, but hey, turning 60 is a big deal in Chinese tradition.

However one thing organizers cannot control is the weather and there has been great debate over whether it will rain or shine that day.

But given that Beijing has had experience with manipulating the weather for the Olympics, surely this will not be a hard task, but a stressful one for meteorologists.

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gung said...

this is a good practice to control the crowd for public safety. there are just too many crazy radical people around. you cannot blame the officials of being too stringent.