Saturday, August 22, 2009

Word of the Day: Dan Xiao Gui

In the past several months I've been listening to Chinese Pod on my iPod on the way to work and back home.

It's great because the lessons are dialogues that use vocabulary and sentences most people would use on a daily basis.

The conversations are then analyzed for meaning and give more insight into the way the Chinese language works.

What's also great is the slang they will throw in. This is one of them:  胆小鬼
dan (3) xiao (3) gui (3)
Literally it means  "coward ghost", but in a kind of friendly term of endearment.

So instead of saying "mon petit chou chou", you can throw in "dan xiao gui"...


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gung said...

sometimes being dan xiao gui is just being cautious. it pays to be careful and considerate. kind of look before you leap.