Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fact of the Day: Tobacco statistics

The Tobacco Atlas from the World Lung Federation and the American Cancer Society say some 100 million people were killed by tobacco in the 20th century and 1 billion more will die from it in the 21st century.
"Tobacco accounts for one out of every 10 deaths worldwide and will claim 5.5 million lives this year alone," the report, issued by cancer experts said.
If current trends continue, by 2020, about 7 million are expected to die from tobacco, and 8 million by 2030.
Tobacco use costs the global economy $500 billion a year in direct medical expenses, lost productivity and environmental harm.
The report also says of the 1 billion male smokers, 35 percent are from rich countries, 50 percent from developing countries.
In China, "nearly 60 percent of its men smoke" and the country "consumes more than 37 percent of the world's cigarettes," the report said.
Only 60 percent? One would think the number was much higher.
But the even more horrifying statistic is that 50 million Chinese children, mostly boys, will die from tobacco-related diseases.
If that number doesn't shock Chinese parents, mostly fathers into going cold turkey, who knows what else will make them quit.

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gung said...

it is high time for china to ban inside cigarette smoking. past leaders like mao and deng have been projecting wrong subliminal messages to the people by holding cigarettes.