Friday, July 31, 2009

Picture of the Day: Great Mall

Behind my office is a building called "The Great Mall", probably a riff off "The Great Wall".

In Chinese it literally says "China's First Mall".

But when you go inside, there isn't much there.

A giant golf store takes up two floors, selling clubs, bags, and in the basement is a screen when you can drive the balls on a virtual course. As not many people have taken up golf yet, I wonder who these customers are... every time I go in there, I never see any one in there except staff.

Other than that, there's the Industrial and Commerce Bank of China (ICBC) Bank that's very busy, and a pretty decent Japanese restaurant that has a small spit in the middle to roast fish and meat for diners.

So "The Great Mall" is a great misnomer. It's like false advertising...


gung said...

give it some time, see how it grows into a busy shopping center.

Anonymous said...

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