Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Not Quite Shelving Green Dam

News Flash -- The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has just announced China will delay the mandatory installation of the controversial Green Dam Youth Escort filtering software that was supposed to have been installed in all new computers sold in the country starting tomorrow.

The ministry explained the delay was due to computer manufacturers saying such a massive installation required more time. But there were no further details on when the postponed deadline would be.

This is a major loss of face for the government, as it had insisted there would not be any delays and that the software maker would patch up the program that was found to have numerous security flaws. Opponents also complained that it restricted freedom of information and speech, even though the government had pitched the software as the latest tool in anti-pornography.

Green Dam Youth Escort is also costing the government 41.7 million RMB ($6.1 million), an amount people are now beginning to realize is their own hard-earned money many feel is going to waste.

The People 1, The Government 0.

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