Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Weighing Pros and Cons

Political pundits are still buzzing about Utah Governor Jon Huntsman's
nomination as US ambassador to China.

Some think it's great having a fluent Mandarin speaker with living
experience in the region (Taiwan) and adopted a Chinese daughter to
boot, but others wonder how if any those brownie points may translate
into having better dialogues with the Chinese.

What's interesting is that President Barack Obama has politically
managed to postpone Republican Huntsman's presidential aspirations for

Again some consider China to be a prestigious post which will give him
the international experience he needs to demonstrate he is an elder
statesman; others think being in the Middle Kingdom may pull him
further away from the White House because he's not in Obama's inner

Nevertheless, Huntsman has accepted the nomination so he must think
the position will lead him somewhere...

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