Friday, May 8, 2009

Fashion Blunders

Now that temperatures are rising in Beijing, young women are shedding their spring outfits and revealing their summer wardrobes.

However they are also revealing more skin too -- probably much to the interest of their male friends and colleagues, but not really appropriate as office wear.

One horrific trend is wearing very short shorts, or very short skirts. They also tend to wear black nylons with white-heeled shoes. What's with that? Which style maven told them to do that?

Another fashion faux-pas is instead of wearing a bra, they wear tube tops that are held up with strings tied at the back of the neck. Then on top of that they wear a wide-neck top or even off-the-shoulder one.

We're in an office, not a nightclub. How are people supposed to take you seriously when you're showing off more than your brains?

But then again, the men are in charge, and a little eye candy probably makes the time go faster.

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