Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Batten Down the Hatches

The Chinese government is clamping down on any kind of subversive
activity leading up to the 20th anniversary of June 4.

State media outlets have been instructed to be careful with the news
sources they use from now until the first week of June, and websites
and online forums must monitor any comments left anonymously.

During sensitive times, the directive is typically that only stories
from Xinhua can be used, and they are usually far from balanced.

It's a way for the government (and country) to maintain one voice, and
when the media is state-funded, these organizations have little choice
but to follow orders.

This heightened state of alert illustrates how far the government is
willing to go in order to deny a catastrophic incident the entire
world saw, and yet its own people are not allowed to recognize or know
about it.

Seems like the government is digging itself into yet a deeper hole,
making it harder for it to get out and justify itself.

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