Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Precious Goods

My company is stingy on the stationery supplies.

The above photo shows all the stuff I was issued today -- and had to sign for, no less.

On the right is a triple magazine holder, and then on the left at the bottom are two grey folders and then one unsharpened pencil, one glue, one exacto knife, a box of paperclips, a rollerball pen, some tape, scissors and some clips. That's it. No notebook, no stickies, no pencil sharpener either.

I'm not too sure how a cutting knife will help me perform better on my job, and glue, when I have an entire box of paper clips to keep papers together... of which I have none.

However, I fear that if I lose any of these prized possessions I'll have to sign for them again and it'll be forever noted in administration records...

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