Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Picture of the Day: Window Washers

I don't envy window washers here. They have a perilous job, probably just as bad as construction workers, as they don't have much safety equipment and just seem to somehow suspend themselves on what look like unsafe pulleys and ropes.

And the office building I work at is a drag for window washers. The windows jut in and out, one after the other, so they have to be washed and wiped individually instead of in patches.

The other day a crew was at work and while a few people looked up to watch them, I snapped the window washers almost finished one section of the building.

They're dressed in red and on their backs in white it says hong(2) zhi(1) zhu(1) or "red spiders".

How appropriate.

1 comment:

ks said...

a great shot. there should be a gondala hanging from the roof for those washers.