Sunday, April 5, 2009

Picture of the Day: Heading for a Bargain

Today I wandered around Panjiayuan with some relatives who are in town.

I told them about the antique flea market in the south east of the city which piqued their interest and so they had to check it out.

I like to go there periodically just to see what's for sale and if there are any new items I haven't seen before.

As some antique experts have pointed out before, about 99 percent of the stuff sold there is fake, so make sure you bargain for the best price.

And in one of the rows of vendors, I spied the two bronze heads of the rat and the rabbit that were up for sale at the Christie's auction in late February.

Cai Mingchao may have left the auction world in disgrace thanks to muted public opinion on his so-called "patriotic act", but someone else can bargain for these imitation animal heads at a much lower price, as long as they're willing to pay up.

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