Monday, March 23, 2009

The Olympic Spirit Continues

With less than a year to go until the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, the Canadian consulate in Beijing is doing its part to help promote the Games in China.

At one corner of the consulate facing Dongzhimen Wai Da Jie is a big banner with the three mascots, Quatchi, Miga and Sumi with their names translated into Chinese.

On the far left is the sasquatch Quatchi and his Chinese name is 魁特奇, or kui (2) te (4) qi (2).

Next to him is Miga the seabear called 米加, or mi (3) jia.

And finally Sumi, a combination of an orca whale, bear and thunderbird is 苏米, su (1) mi (3).

Both Miga and Sumi have the Chinese character for rice in their names... is that a subtle way of saying Canadians like rice?

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g.g. said...

the chinese are very friendly people as shown in this type of international cooperation.