Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More Evidence of Spring

The other day I walked out of the Jintaixizhao subway station, which is right by the new CCTV tower. And by the way that burned out hotel next to it that was supposed to house the Mandarin Oriental is still standing there.

While 12 people have been arrested in relation to last month's spectacular fire, there has been little or no talk about what will happen to the building.

There was talk of somehow salvaging parts of the building, but really, the fire has weakened its structural beams and could be dangerous to occupy. It really should be knocked down.

But it's still standing there, a monument to the stupidity of CCTV officials and reminding others of where they were the night of February 9.

However, I digress.

What I really meant to talk about was more evidence of spring despite the low temperatures.

Right by the construction site is a small spindly tree sprouting cherry blossoms.

If anything these puffy pink flowers soften up the sharp lines and metal sheets... if only there were more in the city...

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