Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Economically Fit" Guys in Vogue

If there's a good thing that's come out of the financial crisis here in China other than forcing previously frivolous young people to save, it's the criteria for husband material.

Women eager for a leg-up on society were on the hunt for men with thick wallets and flashy lifestyles, a home already paid for and a nice car.

But now these women have stopped the gold digging and are preferring "economically fit" men instead.

They are young men who make between 3,000 to 10,000 RMB ($440-$1,460) a month, have jobs in education, manufacturing, IT and other "boring industries".

They tend to be very conservative in their looks, have mild temperaments and no bad habits -- no smoking or drinking. Best of all, they are responsible husbands who will pay down the mortgage and even give some money to their wives to spend.

Women are now looking for men who will be home for dinner and not out most nights, possibly carousing with lady friends.

Here's a good analogy:

A sales manager at a multinational corporation surnamed Zhao who earns 20,000 RMB a month justified her decision to marry someone who makes less than half her salary: "The modest guy and the golden guy are like tap water and a soft drink. Tap water may not be as tasty as a cola, but it quenches the thirst and does not leave a saccharine aftertaste."

Perhaps this is a sign that happy and healthy family units will be back in vogue after years of fast living.

China may soon have its harmonious society...

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