Thursday, February 5, 2009

Strange Coincidence?

Yesterday was World Cancer Day.

The International Union Against Cancer (UICC) from its French acronym, has launched its "I Love My Active Childhood".

The year-long campaign is focused on the rising obesity rates in children due to their high consumption of fast food.

Chinese doctors were quoted in the media, saying kids should be more physically active, and eat a balanced diet with more fruits and vegetables and more fibre.

They also admitted that second-hand smoke could also lead to cancer in children, but this year's campaign isn't targeted at smokers.

Nevertheless, this message of living a healthy lifestyle coincided with McDonald's China announcing it would open 175 restaurants in the country this year.

The fast-food joint will hire 10,000 staff to add to its already 60,000 strong army.

McDonald's also said it was cutting the prices of its food by 33 percent.

Now kids have a better argument to eat there because it'll save the family money during these tough economic times...

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ks said...

i understand macdonalds is trying very hard to be more health conscious in the food stuff. they are more veggie oriented and suspended the use of trans fat etc. in all fairness a hamburger with a bun, a piece of meat and a piece of veggie is a well balanced meal. it is much healthier than our dim sum which is salty and all meat.